Request 1D + Solo Songs via Twitter!

This page is for Twitter requests. For Medabiase requesting, click here!

Help support 1D + Solo songs and promote the song by tweeting radio stations and asking them to play the song. All you need do is choose a song and a country, click one of the tweet buttons below, and then send the tweet. As a bonus, it's a good idea to mix up the a bit, add an emoji, etc…make it yours!

Every time you load the page, the radio stations order and tweet text will be randomly generated. Feeling ambitious? Load the next set of radio stations and tweet them as well!

The list of radio stations and tweets used is here. Changes / additions very much wanted, please fill out this form. There are stations on the list that I haven't gotten to look up the Twitter accounts for, and I don't know worldwide radio stations / translations. It's as simple as adding a row to my sheet so PLEASE feel free to help out there! (:

Please be respectful and do not spam a station. While the tweets are generated for you, it's a good idea to add variation so it doesn't obviously look like automation.

Choose a country and song to tweet radio stations in that country. Click "More" at the bottom to shuffle the stations and get a new set.

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Add &stations=twitter1,twitter2,etc to the url to have those show first.